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Algorithm, Inc.
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al'go-rithm: n. a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end.

Algorithm, Inc. has been a premier out-source product development firm for PC-based, interactive 3-D computer graphics and simulation applications for entertainment and training. Algorithm, solely founded in 1982 by Chairman and CEO Christopher D. Watkins and incorporated by him in 1991, pioneered some of the early plasma globes, analog and digital music synthesizers, and special effects signal processing equipment, as well as some of the first immersive simulation systems. Algorithm has designed computer control systems, software and electronics for many companies. Algorithm's unique approaches to problem solving, backed by advanced mathematics and engineering expertise, have facilitated the development of near-workstation performance PC's for graphics, process control, and simulation. Algorithm combines its technical resources with industry partners and has become the research and development think-tank for many of its clients.